Quick and Easy Car Cleaning Tips

This month we’ve spent a lot of time, probably too much, goofing around on the blog, laughing and learning, somehow, about the pimping of rides. Today we’re getting back to what you come here for, the information you can use. To get back into the swing of it, we are going to start by giving you some dope key tips for keeping your car upholstery in tip top shape.

Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpets, begin with compressed air and a stiff brush. Stiff brushes can jostle dirt from carpets (and upholstery) to let it be vacuumed. The compressed air will blow out dirt from all the niches in your car’s floor where it can then be easily vacuumed.


First, if your vehicle has an air filter go ahead and change it. If there is a musty smell permeating your car, it may be time to look at the ducts. Again, compressed air is your friend. Take it to the duct work and aim for the walls of the vents where stuff is more likely to linger and stick.

Quick Tips

Car mats looking old and beat? Wax them with a liquid shoe polish. Carpeting coming apart or fraying at the edges? Find a liquid resin at a craft or fabric stores to coat and hold the fibers in place. If you have vinyl seats, wiping them down with a damp rag and baking soda, rinse with dish washing detergent and water. Avoid oil based cleaners as they can cause the vinyl to harden. With any stains, spilled drink or food, vomit, or even blood, you want to get to it immediately. While each requires a different washing mechanic (now there’s an idea for another blog!) the sooner you get to it the less lasting damage will be done. Keep a kit in your trunk for the various possible stains including club soda, baking soda, water, and rags.

This has hardly been an exhaustive list of tips to keep your car’s upholstery and carpet clean, but we hope it has been informative. After the month of laughs, we needed to get back into the swing of serious content. We’ll see you next month on the VIP European Auto blog!