Remembering MTV’s Pimp My Ride (Part Two)

Last time on the blog we began our dark descent into the world of Pimp My Ride, discussing just some of the most outrageous things ever built into automobiles. And we barely scratched the surface. Over the course of its six seasons (just the US run, not counting the spin offs) the hit show has made some real outrageous car modifications, and so we decided to bring you a few more.

Who Needs a Food Truck When You Got A Food Trunk

This seems to be another favorite of the West Coast Customs guys. Makes sense, everyone loves a quick bite at a local, custom cuisine food truck. But with these additions, you won’t need to go further than your driveway. Season 4 saw a contestant who was an aspiring nutritionist, what better way to pimp out that ride than to throw a juicer in the backseat! In Season 5 the WCC boys turned a guy’s El Camino into the ultimate in tailgating experience, filling the back with an amp, PS2, and propane grill and condiment dispenser! Oh, and of course, five pasma monitors! The ultimate food addition has to be the final episode of season 6. The fellas at WCC got their hands on a 1970 Cadillac Fleet wood Hearse and decided the number one thing needed was a grill/coffin that automatically slides out the back. Genius.

Take the Game Anywhere

Another recurring feature of the pimped out variety is that of installed video game consoles. In the absurd logic of the show, it makes sense really, with so many new tvs being installed in every panel, there needs to be something to use them for. In addition to the previously mentioned PS2, these are the systems that found their way into rides. In the seventh episode of the show, a Ford Ranger became the home to a couch, tv, and Nintendo GameCube. After that, over the course of the show, we saw PSPs, Super Nintendo, and Xboxes.

You can be sure while we’re working our your vehicle here we are putting in our hardest work, and not a single extraneous LCD monitor… Unless you want that. Then maybe we’ll talk. We’ll see you next time on the blog!