Remembering MTV’s Pimp My Ride

Welcome back to the latest and greatest the Valley has to offer when it comes to auto interiors. This month on the VIP blog we wanted to spend some time looking at something that has always left us with a smile on our faces. Back in the mid 2000’s MTV found themselves in the auto interior business, featuring a show where a rapper and custom shop hooked up struggling volunteers with outrageous vehicles. That’s right; we’re talking about MTV and Xzibit’s Pimp My Ride.

Here are some of the most absolutely ridiculous things ever placed in a vehicle. Full disclosure, of course, Pimp My Ride is a show, and many things were falsified or changed up just for the entertainment value, but that does not change the fact that some mad scientists in LA put these things in cars.


Go figure a TV show would want to preach the glory of television. This lead to the boys over at West Coast Customs putting LCD monitors in just about every available space. Common spots included the back of front seats, the ceiling. The most egregious placement of a screen? The back of mudflaps!

Don’t Do This While Driving

The number of upgrades that Xzibit and crew pimped that were downright dangerous is staggering. In addition to all those tvs mentioned earlier, the storage spaces of cars, whether trunks or beds or what have you, often became the home for the most ridiculous additions. Things like a fireplace, hot tub, or waterbed were placed into these rides, to make the ride… Homier? We don’t know. Certainly, safety wasn’t their main concern. One pick up was given an entire pool table mounted in the bed. Just don’t try to sink that 8 ball while you’re at a stop light huh?

These are just barely scratching the surface of strangeness that Pimp My Ride put on. To quote Dr. Ian Malcolm, ‘…(they) were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.’ In fact, let’s look at some more of the absurdity next time on the blog.